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AyurQuest Introduction

AyurQuest is a pioneering step in the field of Ayurveda providing a platform to crack any Post Graduate Entrance or Ayurveda competitive exams on your finger tips in a non-stressful and user-friendly way. Different variations of quiz viz. Random Quiz, Samhitawise Quiz, Subjectwise Quiz, Sthanwise Quiz, Chapterwise Quiz, Test Series etc. minimize the boredom and maximize the knowledge of the user. AyurQuest application is developed by Hosting Webdesigns under the Guidance of Dr. Kapil Dev Thakur. AyurQuest Application Features : AyurQuest is designed to enhance the knowledge of user to crack any Ayurveda competitive exam. AyurQuest has a huge collection of questions along with their references under following categories : AYURVEDIC SAMHITA Charaka Samhita Sushruta Samhita Ashtanga Hridaya Ashtanga Samgrah Chakradatt Samhita Madhava Nidana Yog Ratnakar Sharangadhara Samhita Bhavaprakash Samhita Kashyapa Samhita Harita Samhita Bhel Samhita Bhaishajya Ratnava